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Re: [FJGRailroad] Merry Christmas from a lucky list member

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    A very special Christmas Jason! Gino ... -- www.ginosrailpage.com www.fjgrr.org
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 25, 2005
      A very special Christmas Jason!


      On 12/25/05, Jason C <dhc628@...> wrote:
      Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and brag a little about what a wonderful wife I have.

      A couple of months ago when Gino's online store started up, I showed my wife Ami all of the cool gear that was now available with various FJ&G logos.  Probably also mentioned that my favorite item was the hoody sweatshirt with the diamond logo on the front.  Never thought anything else about it.

      Today, as we're opening gifts, I open a box and inside is this:


      The hoody sweatshirt with the diamond logo. 

      Then I heard the tale of what it took to find this gift:  I had never sent Ami the url for the main web site, the url for Cafe Press, or any other info.  Not being from the Upstate New York region, she wasn't entirely sure of the name of the railroad or the towns it served.  She also had no luck finding the store via google.  Finally, one day she checks my browser history after I'd been online and finds the url that way.  So as to keep this a secret though, Ami had her friend at work order it and ship it to her address so there would be no tip off for me on the creidt card statement or from the box showing up at our house. 

      All in all, it has been a wonderful Christmas day for all of us.  I hope all of you have the good fortune to have married a spouse that is as wonderful and good to you as mine is to me, even when I may not deserve it.

      Merry Christmas from Indiana,
      Jason Cook

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