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    Here s a nice letter sent to Phil and Sheila Danylak from one of Walt s Childhood Friends... ... Hi, I was a classmate of Bill s starting at Kingsboro School.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 18, 2005
      Here's a nice letter sent to Phil and Sheila Danylak from one of Walt's Childhood

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      Hi, I was a classmate of Bill's starting at Kingsboro School. I did
      not have the chance to thank you for the wonderful afternoon on
      Saturday and to tell you how much I appreciated the chance to say
      goodby to a dear and treasured friend.

      I have so many memories of "Billy" as he will always be known to me
      starting in Kindergarten. We shared a table in Mrs. Glonings class.
      He would hear the train whistle at the Kingsboro crossing, and lean
      over to poke me and say "Did you hear it ?", and then he would have
      this big grin on his face.

      Starting in 1st or 2nd grade, he would walk me home after school. (I
      lived on Newman St.) He would stay so long at my house that my mother
      would have to tell him "Billy, it's getting dark, you have to go
      home". He was my very first "boyfriend".

      Some days after school we would chase the train and he would whoop
      and hollar until the engineer blew the whistle. One day the train
      stopped for whatever reason and Bill got to climb up and sit in the
      engine and talk to the engineer. He was absolutely euphoric.

      All this went on until we moved to Boulevard school for 6th grade. At
      the end of 9th grade I moved to California and we lost touch, but
      when I moved back here in 1993 we got reaquainted and when I became
      the City Historian Bill would come down to the archives on Friday
      night and go through and copy the FJ&G documents we had.

      The last time I saw Bill was a few years ago when we met at Harold's
      Restaurant for dinner. We had such a wonderful time reminiscing about
      our childhood.

      I grieve for a dear friend but know he is at peace. I hope they have
      trains on the other side for him to chase. Thank you again for


      Judy Marcoux

    • Dick Ryall
      good one Judy, good to see you here....d
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 19, 2005
        good one Judy, good to see you here....d
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