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Getting Back to full steam

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  • Gino's Railpage
    Hi guys, So sorry to tease every fan of FJGRR.ORG, but it s been a long time and it was ready for a revamp! I didn t mean to give people the impression that
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2005
      Hi guys,

      So sorry to tease every fan of FJGRR.ORG, but it's been a long time and
      it was ready for a revamp! I didn't mean to give people the impression that
      it was going to disappear, just that it was going to look different. Yes, lots
      of stuff has been removed, but I think I've covered every aspect of the

      I'm not stopping where it is. There is plenty more for me to put on the site.
      I have neglected it for some time now, just to create new projects on
      ginosrailpage.com. It was time the FJ&G received a little attention. There
      are pictures on the site that had been there since I started it in 1996. That's
      right, almost 10 years ago. I need to rescan and remove those bad picts.
      I will be getting to them soon.

      Already, I've received many messages asking what happened to all the
      pictures. No worry, there is still more to add from my personal collection.
      The Delaware Otsego presence has also been removed. There is plenty
      of history and pictures available on ginosrailpage.com. The DO hasn't been
      pushed aside. I'm keeping FJGRR.ORG mostly with steamers and trolleys.
      Our little orange diesels also!

      I won't deny that the passing of Walt Danylak had left me wondering if I
      was wasting my time and if I should put any more energy into this little
      railroad. Your concern for it made me re-think and re-build. It made me
      realize that the FJ&G and her history is bigger than all of us and our
      bickering. Sorry for the trouble!!!

      So, in short it is a re-birth. The FJGRR.ORG store I started is also a sign of
      good things to come. Hopefully Paul can get some new history out on
      the line so we can see a total re-birth of the FJ&G. Let's not forget that
      this railroad is why we've all come together. I will put my creative energy
      in the next few month back into the FJ&G. Sorry to neglect it for so long!
      No more controversy from me. Time to get back to railroading and railroad


      WebMaster, FJGRR.ORG

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