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Re: [FJGRailroad] Family Walk

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    Let me clear up that yes, I am just a messenger here. Don t shoot, I m only the piano player! I didn t plan this walk, but I thought it was a great idea. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 7, 2005
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      Let me clear up that yes, I am just a messenger here. Don't shoot, I'm only
      the piano player! I didn't plan this walk, but I thought it was a
      great idea. I
      know people didn't make it out to Syracuse to pay their final respects to Walt
      (Bill). I plan on attending in honor of my friend Walt. Just to remember the
      great times we walked this Rail-Train, laughed and joked and reminisced about
      the FJ&G.

      People in the group may not know this, but in the summer's past, the
      group would walk the Rail-Trail in place of our meetings and have a pretty
      good time. This is one more walk with Walt and friends!


      p.s. Walt was known as "Bill" to his family.

      On 10/7/05, waltdanylak@... <waltdanylak@...> wrote:
      > All that I am asking- and I am not trying to blame the association or
      > Gino for the walk- please remember that Bill had brothers that did not
      > know about this "family" walk, or tribute to their brother.
      > We are now trying to cover the $225,000 hospital bill that Bill owes.
      > And at the time of his hospitalization and death, he had NO health
      > insurance- a walk or Memorial in Bill's name to cover or help cover the
      > cost would be appreciated- anything that the association could do would
      > be appreciated.
      > Death brings out the "best" of everyone and I think that the family
      > should be working together for the memory of a great brother and family
      > man. Bill would not have been pleased at the way this family has been
      > since their Mother's death or following Bill's death.
      > Barbara Deanylak
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