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    If you guys get a chance, I ve also added a little memorial to Walt on the front of FJGRR.org. It also lists the details of the memorial contributions...
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 22, 2005
      If you guys get a chance, I've also added a little memorial to Walt on the front
      of FJGRR.org. It also lists the details of the memorial contributions...

      Here's the link...



      > Dear Friends,
      > Some, perhaps many, of you are aware that my brother Walt Danylak
      > passed away this past Saturday. For others of you this may be the
      > first time you learn of this sad news. Walt started showing symptoms
      > in May and June of some kind of medical problem. When he first went
      > to doctors and a hospital here in Syracuse, they were thinking it was
      > a heart problem. Eventually a long-delayed bone marrow test was
      > done, and it immediately showed that he had an advanced case of
      > leukemia. Chemotherapy started the very next day, and the first
      > round seemed to be quite effective in destroying the diseased
      > cells. However it wasn't quite up to the level needed for the blood
      > stem cell transplant they wanted to perform, so they embarked on a
      > 2nd round of chemotherapy. Due to excessive fluids related to the
      > chemotherapy, Walt suffered from congestive heart failure and was
      > transferred to ICU. He recovered from this, but the problem with
      > excessive fluids continued. In short Walt was diagnosed with a very
      > advanced case of leukemia, and he was unable to tolerate the
      > necessary but agressive treatments that he received.
      > The viewings were yesterday, and the funeral was this morning.
      > Several of you dropped by yesterday to pay your respects, and some
      > attended the funeral service this morning. We are so grateful for
      > your kindness and prayers.
      > Any of you interested in sharing a memorial gift can give either to
      > the Leukemia and Lymphonma Society, CNY Chapter, 401 N. Salina
      > Street, Syracuse, NY 13203-1770 or (esp. for anyone more interested
      > in trains and particularly the FJ&GRR) to a special fund which will
      > help catalogue and preserve a special collection of photos and
      > documents related to the FJ&GRR. For info on this project please
      > contact Mr. Bill Easterly at 518-762-4651 Ext. 3700 or at
      > fund.develop@...
      > Thanks once again for your friendship with Walt and your kindness to
      > our family at this time.
      > On behalf of all the Danylaks,
      > Dennis Danylak
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