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RE: [FJGRailroad] Sacandaga Park

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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Does anyone know how to reach this guy?
    Message 1 of 17 , Jul 15, 2005
      Does anyone know how to reach this guy?

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      >Subject: [FJGRailroad] Sacandaga Park
      >Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 19:57:20 -0400
      >This is from the Hamilton County News...
      >Cottage plan being abandoned
      >Special to the News
      >NORTHAMPTON-Citing rising property taxes hindering the real estate
      >market, the developer working on a proposed 15-unit residential
      >development in Sacandaga Park here has changed his plans for a series
      >of cottages and is now selling off the land.
      >'It's basically a change of plans,' said developer Willem Monster,
      >owner of the 10-acre plot referred to as Sacandaga Station. 'The
      >property taxes are basically destroying market.'
      >While Monster says he won't build the cottages as he planned, he
      >expects the Sacandaga Station project will still come to fruition much
      >as he originally envisioned.
      >The property was once owned by Fonda-Johnstown-Gloversville (FJ&G)
      >Railroad. The recently restored station building itself, built in 1922
      >during the height of Sacandaga Park's 'amusement park period', is
      >considered the jewel of the property.
      >Monster planned to begin construction on a series of four-season
      >cottages this summer with the station as the centerpiece. Eventually
      >the development would have included 15 units.
      >In recent months his plans brought him before the Northampton Town
      >Board seeking an amendment to the zoning law. The council amended the
      >law in June, allowing Monster's proposal to proceed as he planned.
      >Previously, through some oversight when the law was originally
      >crafted, town officials say, Northampton zoning prohibited residential
      >structures from being built on Route 30's commercially zoned land.
      >Town planners recently discovered the prohibition, prompting the need
      >for the amendment for Monster.
      >But now Monster said his market research indicates that should he
      >construct the cottages they wouldn't sell. He blames a large number of
      >homes and cottages around the lake already for sale. The availability
      >of older homes would make the sale of his new cottages difficult, he
      >'If we built the houses we'd get stuck with them,' Monster said. 'And
      >that's what the realtors say-it's a tough sell.'
      >He blames unfunded state mandates and the resulting rise in property
      >taxes as the reason so many homes are for sale in the area.
      >Monster said he put 10 lots of his Sacandaga Station parcel up for
      >sale the last week of June. The lots, including three lakefront
      >parcels, vary from a quarter-acre to a half-acre in size.
      >Monster said while he's not building the cottages himself he expects
      >to influence the construction plans of those who purchase his lots.
      >'We want to maintain a cottage style of housing,' he said, adding that
      >the summer resort atmosphere Sacandaga Station is known for will be
      >Monster said he also intends to pursue businesses wishing to locate in the
      >'We're looking at bringing in more businesses,' he said, adding that
      >he intends to seek assistance on the business end from Fulton County
      >Economic Development Corporation.
    • Paul Charland
      Yes.... :-) EtekDesign Corporation, Inc. A. Willem Monster 373 Bunker Hill Road Mayfield, NY 12117 518-863-2860 Fax:518-863-2860 Email : willem@etekdesign.com
      Message 2 of 17 , Jul 15, 2005
        Yes.... :-)

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        joseph Klapkowski wrote:
        > Does anyone know how to reach this guy?
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