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RE: [FJGRailroad] "Another" No. 1's colors?

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  • paul larner
    Andy, That another No. 1 is the second No. 1 owned by the FJ&G purchased from a Pennsylvania railroad in November of 1888. The company rebuilt it in their
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      That "another No. 1" is the second No. 1 owned by the FJ&G purchased from "a
      Pennsylvania railroad" in November of 1888. The company rebuilt it in their
      shop, outshopped April 1889. It remained on the property until April 5,
      1900 when it was shipped to the Schenectady Locomotive Works in partial
      payment for Locomotive No. 12. Second Number 3, third No. 4 and first No. 7
      and possibly a no. 9 each acquired and rebuilt in the company shops were
      similar. Only Nos 1, 3, and 4 of this lot of 4-4-0 style were kept by the
      company. The others were resold shortly after their rebuilding. This work
      set the stage for the agreement with a locomotive broker whereby the FJ&G
      acquired and rebuilt a fair number of locomotives prior to 1892 for the used
      locomotive market.

      On the same page you will see third No. 4. The only differences I can see
      in the two locomotives is the hand rod across and below the headlight. On
      the 1 it goes across and on the 4 it doesn't.

      Now as to the color of the lettering - it could be either gold or silver
      only because of the period of time the locomotive was on the property.
      WIthout going through the files because I'm already on duty for a late 48,
      the first No. 4, a Baldwin class 8/18 1/4, 2-4-2T, built in 1874 was
      delivered with gold lettering F. J & G. R. R. Later toward the turn of the
      century the company was using silver. The best I can determine this first
      No. 4 was on the property until September 1889 when it went to Toledo, Ohio
      for the account of the NY Equipment Co.

      That's more than you wanted to know. Now you need to buy three ofthe

      Then I reread your leter to see if I got everything and I see you are not
      referring to the "another No. 1" the third photo down but the second photo
      down which is the "Pioneer", first locomotive owned by the company, having
      been rebuilt to the "David A. Wells" in 1873 the later, probably about 1875
      simply numbered No. 1. Lettering and striping Gold. Built by Machester,
      No. 249 in 1870; taken to Erie Pa. Nov. 9 1889. THe rest ofthe locomove was
      decorated in gay colors and bright trim; these locomotives were not simply
      lack. i suggest mixes of red and yellow.

      Oh. None of the FJ&G's locomotives burned wood.


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      >Subject: [FJGRailroad] "Another" No. 1's colors?
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      >This one is probably best suited
      >for Walt Danylak and/or Paul
      >Larner, but anybody who has insight
      >is welcomed to offer up suggestions...
      >What color(s) is/are the wood-burning
      >steamer and tender pictured on the 11th page
      >(the pages aren't numbered) of Dave Nestle's
      >Steam and Trolley Days? Dave's caption
      >calls it "Another No.1." It is the
      >second photo down the left side array
      >of 8 B&W photos. The tender is lettered
      >F.J.& G. R. R. What color are the letters?
      >Lionel has come out with a pretty dead
      >nuts model. I just bought one, so that's
      >my next project. If nobody knows the
      >exact colors, what would be the best
      >guess and why? ---Andy Fusco
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