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Re: lurker - related but slightly off-topic

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  • stevefjg30
    Hi Al I would love to model the FJ&G in 2 Rail i am to pickey about my scenes on the railroad and want to much so i ll stick with HO.What years did you visit
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2005
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      Hi Al
      I would love to model the FJ&G in 2 Rail i'am to pickey about my
      scenes on the railroad and want to much so i'll stick with HO.What
      years did you visit the railroad?Welcome to the group.The Best group
      on Yahoo!!!!!

      Steve Lamora

      --- In FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com, Askerberg <aiberg@c...> wrote:
      > Greetings all,
      > I've been a happy lurker on this list for quite awhile. I used to
      > the FJG territory frequently when I had a relative living there.
      The FJG
      > is one of my favorite NY short lines, and I have pleasant memories
      of some
      > of its last operations. I mentioned to Gino how much I've enjoyed
      > benefited from his web site and this list. He suggested I share my
      > interests with the list.
      > Although I spent my career in NYS, I have retired back in my home
      > of Indiana. I am currently modeling the Louisville, New Albany and
      > Corydon, the LNAC, or simply "the Corydon." It is a seven mile
      > short line in southern Indiana that interchanges with the old
      > mainline between St. Louis and Louisville. The character and
      spirit of
      > the line is much like that of the FJG, and that is what appeals to
      me. I
      > am currently building a necessarily fore-shortened but conceptually
      > accurate model interpretation of the line in O scale 2-rail. I am
      > the late 1940's era when they were still running a handsome Porter
      > 4-4-0. In 1948 they acquired a GE 45 tonner. I will be operating
      both locos.
      > I wish I could boast a fan group for the LNAC similar to yours, but
      > can't. I do, however, enjoy membership is a very fine and
      > convivial group, the Columbus Area Railroad Club
      > http://www.trainweb.org/carc/ . We have operating layouts in four
      > scales. You are cordially invited to visit us when in the area.
      > Best wishes for continued success with your group and its historic
      > preservation efforts.
      > Regards and thanks for enhancing my enjoyment of the hobby,
      > Al Askerberg
      > Columbus, Indiana
      > V>R
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