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  • Stephen G. Myers
    Union Leader, The/New Hampshire Sunday News (Manchester, NH) Paper: Union Leader, The (Manchester, NH) Title: Pan American Airlines shuts down, fires 30 pilots
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2005
      Union Leader, The/New Hampshire Sunday News (Manchester, NH)

      Paper: Union Leader, The (Manchester, NH)
      Title: Pan American Airlines shuts down, fires 30 pilots
      Author: JERRY MILLER Union Leader Correspondent
      Date: November 3, 2004
      Section: News
      Page: A10

      NEWINGTON -- Pan American Airlines, a subsidiary of Guilford
      Transportation, has gone out of business and fired its 30 union pilots.

      The carrier has transferred its flight operations to Boston-Maine
      Airways, another Guilford owned airline and a non-union operation.

      John Nadolny, Pan Am legal counsel and spokesman did not return calls
      seeking comment.

      However, an attorney for the Washington, D.C.-based Airline Pilots
      Association said yesterday, the decision to disband Pan Am amounted to
      "union busting" on the part of the parent company.

      "Absolutely," responded Marcus Migliore, when asked if he and the 30
      terminated pilots believe the carrier's action was an attempt to break
      the union. "They continue to do exactly what the court said they couldn't
      do under the Railway Labor Act."

      Migliore said the terminated pilots were not given the option of
      flying for Boston-Maine and were told in an Oct. 14 letter from Pan Am
      that they would be terminated Oct. 31.

      Migliore accused the carrier of defying a ruling, handed down recently
      by Concord-based U.S. District Court Judge Joseph DiClerico. In his
      ruling, the judge said Guilford's attempt to shift work from Pan Am to
      Boston-Maine is "a direct attempt to destroy a union."

      In his late September order, DiClerico ordered Guilford to keep Pan Am
      flying and to restore the pay and working conditions to Pan Am pilots and
      crews, to the same level they were in July.

      The judge also prohibited Boston-Maine from flying Pan Am's Boeing 727
      aircraft and other larger jet aircraft on routes that had been flown by
      Pan Am.

      Pan Am was also told it could not transfer its aircraft to

      "This is contrary to what the court ordered. That's why we're going
      back to court," Migliore said.

      The court proceeding, to hear the unions' argument, is schedule in
      U.S. District Court, Concord, on Friday at 1:30 p.m.

      At the hearing, the Airline Pilots Association, which represents Pan
      Am unionized pilots, will argue against the carrier's decision to shift
      work from Pan Am to the non-union Boston-Maine.

      David Mullen, the Pease Development Authority's deputy director, said
      to the best of his knowledge, Pan Am's Pease-based maintenance, which
      also houses Guilford's corporate headquarters and Boston-Maine, remains
      operational and that the parent company continues to honor its contract
      with the PDA. Guilford's 20-year lease began Sept. 1, 1998, and will end
      Aug. 31, 2018.

      Mullen acknowledges Pan Am, as an airline, is no longer flying from

      "We really weren't brought into the picture," concerning Guilford's
      decision to end Pan Am as a commercial entity.

      Mullen said the only information the PDA was given came as the result
      of a recent e-mail from Nadolny, in which the attorney indicated
      Boston-Maine would continue to fly from Pease.

      Mullen said at this time the Boston-Maine flight schedule from Pease
      Airport is "somewhat limited."

      Pease Airport Manager William Hooper could not be reached for comment
      concerning the number of scheduled Boston-Maine flights per day and their

      Boston-Maine has operated largely as a propeller driven commuter
      carrier, while Pan Am handled longer distance jet aircraft service.

      Migliore said Boston-Maine is now using aircraft bearing the Pan Am
      logo, without telling the public that Pan Am is no longer in business.

      Pan Am/Boston-Maine is the sole commercial carrier flying scheduled
      service to and from Pease. Guilford employs an estimated 300 workers at
      the tradeport, down from more than 400 a few years ago.

      Copyright 2004 Union Leader Corp.
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