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Re: [BULK] [FJGRailroad] Hobby Store

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  • Dave Brennan
    I m glad to see someone else remembers Chamberlains ! Dave Dick Ryall wrote: Chamberlains in Johnstown, near Smallays Theatre, we used to
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         I'm glad to see someone else remembers  Chamberlains !

      Dick Ryall <dryall@...> wrote:
      Chamberlains in Johnstown, near Smallays  Theatre, we used to ride 
      our  bikes over from Gloversville. 

      > Saul Kalbfeld wrote:
      > RE: I remember a hobby shop on West Fulton just past the 4 corners,
      > but I
      > don't remember one in the Kingsboro Hotel area.
      > Burt Morse's hobby store originally was in the basement of the
      > Kingsboro Hotel. There was a street entrance, stairs down on the left
      > side of the main entrance to the hotel. This was probably around 1952
      > when I first took an interest in trains. He had TT scale, I remember,
      > which is now almost obsolete and was sized between today's N scale and
      > HO. He moved to the store to the store front below  the WENT studio
      > about 1953. I remember he had a great stock of Varney kits. The store
      > later became Rossbach (sp ?) Shoes.
      > Strauss Stores on South Main also had Lionel and Marx trains. Makes
      > you realize that every home in town that had boys and a Christmas
      > tree had a train going round and round. Also makes you realize that
      > train sets must have been hot consumer items then, sort of like Play
      > Stations and X Boxes today.
      > I had a Marx going round the Hannukah Bush,
      > Saul

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