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  • Gerald Snyder
    Merry Christmas to all! Just thought I d jump in with a couple of Christmas memories from down Amsterdam way. Back in the late 50 s and early 60 s, when we
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 22, 2004
      Merry Christmas to all!

      Just thought I'd jump in with a couple of Christmas
      memories from down Amsterdam way. Back in the late
      50's and early 60's, when we still had a downtown with
      stores and Christmas lights strung between them across
      the streets, I remember going down on East Main Street
      to either Sears and Roebuck or the National Auto with
      my father to see the train layout they had set up for
      the holidays; I think the Firestone store even had a
      small set going one year. The big layout, however,
      was over at Larabee's Hardware on Market Street. Not
      sure what manufacturer their trains were, but when I
      eventually got my own set (O-gauge) it was mostly Marx
      equipment. (My first train was a Marx windup going
      around the base of the Christmas tree back in '57 or
      '58. I don't know what happened to the rest of it,
      but the shell from the engine is still siting in a box
      of old toys in the attic at my mother's house.) I did
      have a few Lionel accessories for my layout,
      compliments of birthday and Christmas gifts from my
      great uncle in Florida. (Uncle Charlie was a "train
      bug", as my mother referred to him.) He had a large
      layout in his basement and wouldn't be caught dead
      with any Marx hardware. Guess he was trying to
      upgrade me with the Lionel gifts. I remember some
      that he sent me - a couple of "bubble light" water
      towers, a rotating red and green tower light, and a
      barrel loader with a little shed and a man on a
      forklift that fired the yellow wooden barrels into a
      waiting car, or across the layout if you didn't happen
      to have the car in the right spot. And the cats were
      always batting the little barrels all over the house -
      I don't think I ever found all of them.

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