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RE: [FJGRailroad] Re: Unattended baggage

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  • paul larner
    Trouble with the tiger today is it has no home. In the days of the cold war we knew where the tiger slept. What will it be like when the disaffected in this
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 9, 2004
      Trouble with the tiger today is it has no home. In the days of the cold war
      we knew where the tiger slept.

      What will it be like when the disaffected in this country start mayhem as
      they did in the late sixties and early seventies. Anyone remember the
      "weathermen", SDS and other malcontents bent on disrupting the status quo.

      Terrorism is a repetitive event of US history, previously home grown, just
      been quiet for a generation. That's measured between the time I received my
      children till they received theirs. Think of it: a whole generation of white
      kids who never experienced real war, want or fear. Any wonder why we have

      Who are the most significant "home grown" terrorists today? Could it be
      those who undertake to bomb abortion clinics; snipe murder abortion
      practitioners, hide them and fund their escape to Europe - all in the name
      of God (allah). Think Eric Rudolph and his ilk, underground of late.

      What makes this country great is its openess. I recall my thoughts when the
      barricades went up around the white house, then after the bombings federal
      facilities commenced the barricades went up at those places. Fear is the
      greatest enemy. It breeds a distrust of differences rather than an
      embracing of ideas, ultimately destroying from inside what a terrorist can't
      otherwise breach, love and tolerance.


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      >Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 19:31:19 -0000
      >Your reaction was OK as was the official response. I'm sure the
      >other traveler never thought he might be causing a problem when he
      >left the bag.
      >Consider the millions of travelers and millions of bags, and that
      >there's NEVER been an incident in the US such as occurred in Spain.
      >As a group we (Americans) appear to be totally paranoid about
      >security regardless of the fact that there's a very small threat. We
      >willingly suffer amazingly huge inconveniences at airports, public
      >buildings, sports events and so forth being sreened and wanded, but
      >never seem to notice how easy it is to get on the tarmac of any
      >airport, onto virtually any rail line (surface or below ground,
      >including the tracks, tunnels, and so forth), into almost any
      >building through the unguarded service entrances, and so forth. The
      >opportunities for mischief are so numerous one must wonder why it
      >doesn't happen.
      >I'm in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. DC's Metrorail
      >system carries over 190 million people a year. Can you imagine trying
      >to screen them?
      >Probably the best thing we have going for us is that the "bad guys"
      >are really afraid of our ability and willingness to retaliate if they
      >try another 9-11 ("don't wake the sleeping tiger"). Let's hope they
      >stay that way.
      >--- In FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com, "joseph Klapkowski"
      ><riverlinejoe@h...> wrote:
      > > I am going to gripe and have included the FJ&G and D&H lists to
      >give you all
      > > a sense of what STUPID people we have riding Metro North.
      > >
      > > Tonight I arrived at track 35 in GCT to take the 7:18 pm Hudson
      >line train
      > > north. My ride is about 70 minutes so getting a "good" seat is
      > > Tonight I arrived at 6:52 (actually I missed the 6:48) so I took
      > > of my early arrival to get a "good" seat
      > >
      > > As I plopped down I noted there was an unattended bag in the seat
      >right in
      > > front of me. Call me paranoid but I looked about to see if anyone
      > > walking around the train. I went so far as to check the bathroom.
      >No dice.
      > >
      > > I got off the train and went to the first mechanical department guy
      >I saw
      > > and told him about the bag. He went down and looked, came back up
      > > platform and announced that it was in fact an unattended bag. Six
      > > have now passed and I am getting a little anxious. Its also getting
      > > to train time (remembert my good seat?). The mechanical guy summons
      >MNPD who
      > > arrives only to discover that there is indeed an unattended bag and
      > > wanting to know what all the commotion is about, the owner of the
      >bag who
      > > was all the while standing on the platform being chatty with a
      > > announces that it his bag.
      > >
      > > There was some dialog with the Metro North cops who I gather
      >questioned the
      > > guy. He did not like this at all and when he got on the train
      >referred to
      > > the cops as idiots. I wanted to tell him I thought he was an idiot
      >but I did
      > > not.
      > >
      > > I do not think stupidity should be illegal necessarily but there
      >were at
      > > least two other people on the train who got a little upset upon
      > > the unattended bag. I think Metro North should take a tougher
      >stance with
      > > people who do this. The alternative of course could be that the
      >next time
      > > they should make the guy fill out a form which makes him miss the
      > > Something along the order of writing " I will not leave unattended
      > > on Metro North trains" 100 times.........
      > >
      > >
      > > Am I being too reactionary?
      > >
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