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Re: Modeling the FJG

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  • stevefjg30
    Thanks Saul i m having a hard time taking it down.All the track is now up from Broadalbin to Johnstown.I m happy to be starting a new railroad.A little scared
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 17, 2004
      Thanks Saul i'm having a hard time taking it down.All the track is
      now up from Broadalbin to Johnstown.I'm happy to be starting a new
      railroad.A little scared of the thought of not having anywere to run
      for a month or two,i hope to have Rigby yard in and running by
      Christmas.I will miss the nice scenery on the FJG layout but it held
      no operating interest.I would have a operating night and half the
      pepole would be lost or with nothing to do.I think maybe when we move
      someday i think i will give it a shot again but do it the right way
      this time.Double decks Fonda, J-town yard and more of the industries
      in the two city's.I'm saving the whole High Bridge scene that will be
      in the new crew lounge.The section is about six feet long and i will
      use on the next FJ&G layout.Everyone askes if i'm done with the FJ&G
      all together.NOWAY!!!!!!!! the FJ&G is my favorite railroad It's just
      time for a modeling change.This layout will be run by a dispacher
      with my computer and will have signals on some of it.The B&M and MEC
      are two of my favorites so i think i'll give it a shot.I know Gino
      was concerned that i would lose interest in the FJ&G.That will never
      happen.I will still be at the mettings and doing what i can to help
      pepole on this list..Just wanted to let evry one what was going on.

      Steve L

      --- In FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com, "Saul Kalbfeld" <fjgbus@c...>
      > I can sympathize Steve. I modeled Fonda to Johnstown for about ten
      years. What I did, was to create the NYC in Fonda that was mostly a
      loop to create traffic and then have the FJG as a shortline
      connection that went around the rest of the room. I like big time
      Class 1 operations with a lot of freight traffic, so that plan did
      not work for me over the long term.
      > I have the 3D Railroad Concept and Design CAD program that I
      bought at the NMRA convention in San Jose 4 years ago. This has been
      a great help to me although I've never used the 3D features. My
      advice is to do lots and lots of planning and research before
      anything else. Two of the best plan designers were Frank Ellison,
      long time gone, and John Armstrong who recently died. All their
      articles are available in book form or through the NMRA library.
      > I am about a year into my current layout construction. It is a
      freelanced NYC plan. I'm creating fantasy city somewhere in the
      Mohawk Valley, about the size of Albany or larger,circa 1960-65. This
      is good concept, since it allows you to capture the flavor of a
      particular era and location without being bound to the appearance of
      an actual city. And you can collect scenes and structures from
      anywhere that fit your plan.
      > Saul
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