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10/11/1905 johnstown daily republic

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  • Mike engle
    (((Not the complete article. also not spellchecked))) the past year has been a highly sucessful one for the FJ&G RR Co., and the annual report of the company
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      (((Not the complete article. also not spellchecked)))
      the past year has been a highly sucessful one for the FJ&G RR Co.,
      and the annual report of the company for the fiscal year which ended
      6/30/1905 just filed with the state board of rr commissioners reveals
      a gratifying increase in the gross earning for the past 12 months.
      Besides this important fact, it also shows that a large sum of money
      has been expended by the local company in improving its system and
      service; new stationa have been erected, power equipment and rolling
      stock improved and land secured for the right of way.
      The steam and electric lines are among the best equipped of any in
      the state or country and th local system has a wide reputation for
      its excellence, which has been brought about by the progressiveness
      and enterprise of the men who guide the affairs of the company.
      President Hees and the board of directors have cause to feel
      gratified over the accopmlishments of the past 12 months, and are to
      be congratulated on the success which has attended the operation of
      the road, the past fiscal year. They have endeavored to give the
      people residing in the cities and villages along the various lines an
      unexcelled service and that their efforts have been appreciated by
      the traveling public is disclosed by a glance at the annual report

      Gross earnings from operation, steam division 279,349.70
      Gross earnings from operation, electric division 371,443.31
      Total gross earnings
      Operating expenses, including taxes 351,629.18
      Net earnings from operation 299,163.83
      Miscellaneous income, etc 54,790.55
      Gross income from all sources 353,954.38
      Fixed charges and taxes 313,922.24
      Net income from all sources 40,032.14

      Showing increase over last year as follows:
      Total gross earnings 47,192.12
      Net earnings from operation 31,576.99

      Extensive improvements to the system have been made during the pat
      year, $266,538.64 having been expended for special work in the cities
      along the lines, including passenger stations, improvement of power
      equipment, tow new baggage cars, additional land for right of way abd
      other miscellaneous improvements.
      The number of passengers during the fiscal year was 4,109,841. The
      number of tons of freight carried was 218,417. Passenger train
      milage 1,495,360. Freight and mixed train milage 40,506. Work train
      milage and misc 45,858. Average number of persons employed during
      the year, 397. The amount of salaries paid, $232,972.02
      This company now operates 118.67 miles of track, including double
      tracks, sidings, etc. The company now owns and operates 135
      passenger and service cars and eight locomotives.
      One especially gratifying feature of this year's operations is that
      no accident resulting in death or major injury occured.
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