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Misc Doings Schenectady to Selkirk and Yosts "Railfan rock"

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  • joseph Klapkowski
    I managed to get a little early morning railfanning in today and yesterday. The siding in Fonda is very active. There have been trains in there the last three
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2004
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      I managed to get a little early morning railfanning in today and yesterday.
      The siding in Fonda is very active. There have been trains in there the last
      three mornings. Yesterday it was the former CNSE with two CN units. aToday
      it was a stack train. In both instances the crew was on board.

      Supersteel....nothing happening fro the outside. I did tour the facility a
      few weeks back with the BLHS and I assume they are continuing to build

      Over at GE in Scenecvtady they have several heavy duty flats that look like
      they are being prepped for a movement.

      Did not see much D&H action but Fridaty I was going down campbell road and
      saw a northbound with NS power. I attempted to chase him north and got to a
      point north of where the B&M crosses over the road north of Mohawk. I then
      ducked under what I thought was the D&H northbound main ( single lane
      automobile passageway with traffic lights).
      Anyway I make a left (north) onto Rt 146 and sop at the first grade crossing
      assuming that I am on the B&M shared trackage to Mickeyville. 300 feet away
      is another grade crossing. I assume its the D&H to Saratoga and since this
      train has Shnieder TOFC I assume they will go to Kenwood. Horns blare in the
      distance and guess what? I picked the wrong crossing................

      Onto Yosts Saturday morning. The usual parade of trains westbound (which is
      not so good in the am since you are shooting into the sun) and what should
      sneak up on us ( I met another railfan from Wooster whose name I can not
      remember) but two BNSF pumpkins. I didn;t get the shot.

      Okay there was another shot I did get of a five unit(on CSX) laskhup where
      no two units were the same. I also saw (and shot) a three unit CNSE today
      that was a CN unit and IC unit and a CN unit. Guess they are in the family
      now huh!

      I also took a sidetrip over to Rotterdam Junction and the B&M ah i man
      Guilford really has moved a house trailer in there. They also cleaned up the
      yard a bit and have a Mof W gang over there. It rained Thursday night and
      when I got there around noon on Friday there were two units idling that had
      not moved in a while (The rail was rusty). There was a Pettibone and there
      is a pile of rail and it looks like the Mof W dept has a permenant home

      By the way some of you may be interested to know that the Amsterdam station
      now is distributing the current Shore line East timetable as well as the MN
      history of GCT and the North End Access map. Look in the bottom of the rack
      with all the tourist info on the left hand side.

      I crossed the FJ&G ROW a dozen or more times this weekend. Each time I
      habitually looked down the track. I did not spot any trains.


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