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  • Dicarlo, Gino
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      Subject: I'M BACK ON

      In case of anyone thought that I didnt exist anymore-On May 26 I
      returned home late,and discovered that lighting struck our electric
      light pole, causing a fire to the pole and our local fire department had
      to respond to. The worse thing was that the lighting had destroyed my
      webtv. I've been without the internet since then.The worse 40 days that
      I've gone through. After a few weeks,I decided to get a new one.After
      getting things straighten out with the telephone Co.,and the local
      ISP,Im finally back on.I was at the max of 500 emails within two weeks
      after I was off. I just read a few of them today and deleted the
      rest.Its just too many to go through.If anyone wants to send anything
      again,Im willing to read them now.Thanks for the understanding- Mark
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