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Annual Get Together, August 7, 2004

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  • pklarner
    The itinery will be roughly as follows. As we know from the past three years only two times are firm: the meeting time and dinner time. We will meet at 10:00
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
      The itinery will be roughly as follows. As we know from the past
      three years only two times are firm: the meeting time and dinner time.

      We will meet at 10:00 AM in Fonda at the site of the FJ&G turntable,
      now buried under the parking lot next to the former Sarris'
      Restaurant. For the younger folks that is near the DO engine house
      adjacent the FJ&G yard. As I am told the restaurant is closed on
      Saturdays we should have plenty of parking space. We will make a
      walking tour of the Fonda area to answer any questions and find out
      what's left then we will head north to such interesting places as the
      Rte 5 crossing (site of the tool house and Coal house), the high
      bridge (bridge No. 2), Berryville station (Commons Rd. crossing,
      m.p.2), Sammonsville station, m.p. 3.16 (cut and fill, watchbox and
      an opportunity for Dave Reffue to unearth a nail or two from the
      former station site). I don't think we'll be allowed into the
      Wallmart warehouse property so we can go to Lake's crossing where
      there was also a watchbox and possibley some very early rail knocked
      out of an old railtop culvert. Just north of Lake's is the cut where
      one of the detour passenger trains stalled during either the 1920 or
      the 1916 snow storm. The "Big Woods" is between there and Knox.
      When we get to Johnstown we can take our time and a few pictures
      exploring what's left and where things were.

      Somewhere in between, a quick lunch and maybe some ice cream in
      Sammonsville will fortify us. Since the American Hotel no longer
      stands we won't be able to water there.

      The dedication of the Sacandaga depot is at 4 PM at which it seems
      appropriate we should make an appearance. Our final event will be
      the "banquet" at the Rail Yard Restaurant in Gloversville formerly
      Scotty's Tavern. Scotty was Scott Houghteling, conductor and son of
      a conductor for the FJ&G.

      The weather has always been cooperative though last year it reminded
      us it might not be so. We expect to be able to use the Gloversville
      library should rain make it uncomfortable to be out doors.

      Show and tell is a big part of this gathering so don't be bashful.

      Remember Steve Lamora is having an open house at his home here in the
      Capital District on Friday evening for us to enjoy his FJ&G layout.
      Let him know if you'll be attending. (Steve send me directions or
      post them, please.)

      I made reservations for twenty for dinner, so if you haven't let me
      know you'll share the meal with us, I'd appreciate a note so we'll
      have enough seats. Also don't forget to tell Gino who will be coming
      with you as well; he makes up name tags for the group.

      I think I covered it all. Comfortable walking shoes will help; I
      don't anticipate anything more than leisurely prying along the former
      right of way, no treking. A small crow bar will make retrieving date
      nail easier.

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