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FW: RE: [FJGRailroad] Fonda Passing Siding?

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  • paul larner
    The rest of the story (and then some) without the huge attachment. PKL
    Message 1 of 31 , May 23, 2004
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      The rest of the story (and then some) without the huge attachment.


      >I presume you are referring to the FJ&G and not the NYC. For the NYC there
      >were changes and relocation in the years prior to the four tracking in
      >The FJ&G had a track with switch next west of the turntable switch where a
      >freight could clear the main for a passenger train. The north (west)
      >switch of this track was on the bridge over the Cayadutta. A picture will
      >save me a few dozen words; see attachment.
      >How early this track listed as #2 was installed I would presume to be when
      >the line was built. A small yard existed at Johnstown and Gloversville as
      >well, but nowhere near the extent we recall. Prior to the NYC relocation I
      >believe the FJ&G had at least one track that went across Center Street
      >(articles exist referring to the FJ&G leaving cars to close and/or blocking
      >part the street, a problem to the residents of Fonda). Today the former DO
      >engine house sits on the location. I think the track was moved a bit to
      >the north to fit the building on the site.
      >When you look at some of the postcard northwest facing views of the front
      >of the Fonda depot, you will see FJ&G equipment either working or sitting
      >on these tracks. The more common card shows a freight engine tender facing
      >east and the water tower further west. Another shows a coach and cars west
      >of it (probably the coach used to provide service for Sammonsville
      >There is a photo of a train using the coal company track being used to
      >clear an opposing train and I am comfortable to say that the Knox,
      >Fairgrounds and Hill Street tracks would have been used as well.
      >The "siding" south of Mayfield, across the creek, was specifically built to
      >meet the long passenger excursion trains during the summer months, but
      >other than that I gather the freights simply ducked in wherever they could
      >to clear scheduled trains. There is evidence of train order meets being
      >made at Kingsboro and Sacandaga Park. The FJ&G definition for a siding was
      >"a track auxiliary to the main track for meeting or passing trains, limited
      >to the distance between two adjoining telegraph station." Thus it could
      >effectively be any track that the dispatcher chose to use. Betwen trains
      >of the same class the inferior train would use the "auxiliary" track, take
      >After leaving the FJ&G to the VTR and then MEC, et seq., I had to relearn
      >the use of the term "siding," to distinguish between them and "other"
      >When the "dummy" (1st No. 4) was running between Gloversville and Johnstown
      >or Fonda during the period 1875 and 1878, other trains had to stay out of
      >its way - hauling a small coach, it made twenty two trips daily between
      >Gloversville and Johnstown.
      >I still had to get my 90 words in.
      >>From: Paul Charland <p.charlie@...>
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      >>Subject: [FJGRailroad] Fonda Passing Siding?
      >>Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 07:34:12 -0400
      >>Hi All,
      >>Does anyone know of a passing siding in Fond that may have been between
      >>the station and Route 5... or maybe the bridge just before Route 5? The
      >>employee's time table shows the first passenger running to Fond,
      >>followed bu the first freight, then the passenger leaves Fond, and later
      >>the freight departs. This would mean the freight passes the passenger
      >>at Fond. This would either mean the passenger would have to back into a
      >>siding somewhere in Fonda to let the freight into the yard, or there was
      >>a passing siding at ot near the station where the two could meet.
      >>Paul :-)
    • Glenn J. Williams
      ... As an add-on to my own message, the spur can be seen in the Photos section, under file FondaNY83. Look at pictures 17, 18, and 19. Glenn
      Message 31 of 31 , Jun 1 2:49 PM
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        > wrote:
        > > [snip]
        > > Walt or Glenn, do you remember if there was a track off the runner
        > > east of the station between Center and Broadway?
        > >
        > > PKL
        > IIRC, there was a spur which serviced the GLF store by the Center
        > Street crossing. There always seemed to be a box car there for un-
        > loading.
        > Glenn

        As an add-on to my own message, the spur can be seen in the Photos
        section, under file FondaNY83. Look at pictures 17, 18, and 19.

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