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9877Summer Classic Trains

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  • Gino DiCarlo
    Apr 30, 2004
      Hi guys,

      The wait is over!!!

      The Summer Classic Trains with the 1950's FJG fan-trip is in the
      The article is by Edward Theisinger. He rode the trip and took
      The photos are wonderful.
      The article goes from page 30 to 35. There is a great picture of
      S2-20 at
      Broadalbin with all kinds of people crawling on her. Page 32 has
      Caboose #2
      at Broadalbin and another shot of S2-20 at the Gloversville station.
      Page 33 includes a close up of 20 at the station and two more shots,
      one of
      combo-21 and one shot of Cabooses #1 and #2.
      Page 34 has a short history of the line and includes a map of the FJG
      and electric.
      The article wraps up on page 35 with 2 shots from Fonda of NYC trains
      through the village. The author of the story took the NYC up to Fonda
      and then
      boarded the FJG for Broadalbin. He and about 10 other waited in Fonda
      for his
      connection back to The City...

      Great job, I know everyone will enjoy it!


      Visit Gino's Railpage at
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