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97752004 Get Together

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  • pklarner
    Apr 1, 2004
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      This years gathering of the faithful on Saturday August 7.

      Where we will meet is in the air until I can make a couple contacts.

      Our plan will be to satiate ourselves on the Fonda ambiance then move
      north taking in what's left of the trolley line(west of 30 A),
      Cayadutta Park, the High Bridge, Sammonsville cut and fill, Lake's
      Crossing and the city of Johnstown. Ice cream in Sammonsville,
      lunch ???. If we haven't used up our time walking Johnstown, we'll
      just keep going toward Gloversville and our unltimate destination,
      the Rail Yard, for dinner.

      Come with walking shoes, not that it will be necessary to do an awful
      lot of walking. Some of the areas we might get into are somewhat
      overgrown with brush.

      For next year and those following, we will endeavor to keep this to
      the first Saturday in August.

      Please let me know how many for dinner. Gino will need to know all
      planning on attending for the name tags.

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