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9655RE: [FJGRailroad] Re: Ex-PC/FJG boxcars

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  • paul larner
    Mar 1, 2004
      Berlin Mills Railway was the Berlin Mills Railway. Owned by the Berlin
      Paper Mills in Berlin NH and later by the subsequent owners. Interchanged
      with the B&M south of Berlin and CN at Berlin. They had a large operation
      which I think was diminished when WestVaCo took over the mill. WestVaCo I
      was told had their own trucking operation. I don't have my indices so I
      can't refer you to any articles but the road has been very well written up
      in the fan mags over the years. Today neither B&M nor CN serves Berlin. I
      believe it's the St. Lawrence and Atlantic that replaced the CN, but do not
      know who replaced the B&M if the line is running at all (It was pretty
      maintenance heavy up there in beautiful northern NH. Out around Cherry Pond
      and Waumbec Jct., was one of the most magnificent places I've ever worked. I
      suppose there are houses in here now.)

      I do not know who owns the Berlin Mills reporting marks or whether the road
      still operates in the mill.


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      >They scrapped some cars at the Junction this past summer. I think
      >the long DO/CACV car was scrapped and the NSL cars. Josh could probably
      >give us the exact cars scrapped. As for Berlin Mills, I don't know what
      >railroad it is, but we have their cars at Quad Graphics all the time.
      >I'm sure we receive paper in them...
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      >Subject: [FJGRailroad] Re: Ex-PC/FJG boxcars
      >Leave it up to the 2 Marks here to come up with not only great
      >but greater follow up questions. After work Friday I went back up to
      >Geneva to try to get some more details for ya all, like journal type,
      >builder date, orginal PC serial number. Alas, I was too late and it
      >was gone to who knows where.
      >Down in Cooperstown Junction there's a string of out-of-service baby
      >blue St. Lawrence box cars. Do they have any ex-DO connection?
      >And what is "Berlin Mills."----Andy Fusco

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