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9580Old Milwaukee Paper...From The Archives.........sort of..............

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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Feb 16, 2004
      I have a bunch of fragile paper that appears to be from Deer
      Lodge-Alberton-Cyr Montana. This stuff is from August 1957 and it looks like
      the bulk of the month is here.

      What this stuff consists of is the daily station record of train movements
      at Alberton, Mont. Also included in the package of material are hand written
      notes that appear to be telegraph messages to various employees. Purely for
      entertainment value I will quote one of the notes:

      BG330PM RK Deer Lodge, Aug 10, 222PM

      RC, Alberton

      Will Mr. Goldie Please take his personal effects from the caboose that has
      been used with the X114 outfit ands when he has done this her bill and send
      to AQlberton for work train when this caboose arrives Alberton. RC Please
      see that it is used on the work train and bill the caboose the Y now have
      the Deer Lodge U-323.

      H O U

      330 PM

      This paperwork is fascinating and would be even more wonderful if I had
      someone to explain each of the details. More to the point this paperwork
      does not really belong here on the west shore of the Hudson River if I can
      find a more deserving home in the old Milwaukee territory.

      Ideally I would liek to find a historical society that would want this
      paper. While I would like to see it all reside in one place where it can me
      accessed by others. I am also thinking about splitting it up.

      What I would like to get from you all are some leads if you have any. Know
      anyone who is a Milwaukee Fan who might be a member of thier society? Is
      there a Milwaukee Society? Any assistance is appreciated.


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