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  • oleroadslug
    Feb 15, 2004
      Hello. I am a new member on this list. Currently live in Green Bay
      Packer country, but a transplant from the heart of FJ&G RR country
      north- Northville/Town of Northampton. Thirty years our family had
      property there.

      I have met Mr. DiCarlo electronically by happenstance and proceeded
      to overfloweth his mailbox with midwestern and D&H trains.
      ( Hi Gino !)

      I'll behave here, and see I have a lot to learn, and something to
      contribute. A couple of notes. Parents purchased NYS property in 1965
      or so. I was a real young tyke. However, I do remember seeing
      Gloversville and Johnstown operations, and warehouses along 30-30A
      area. I remember the Alco's, but not ironically the RS units of D&O.
      I remember the green PC boxcars, ironically, many of the St. Lawrence
      car come through my hometown here daily from the Escanaba and Lake
      Superior RR. I still have many friends their in Northville and
      Gloversville, and will always call it a second home.

      I know of the structures in the Northville area ( what little is
      left ) and caught many a walleye along and near the ROW by what was
      the (famous yet replaced blue bridge).

      I'll hunt up some FJ&G as well as Sacandaga area photos. I hope they
      won't be too redundant.

      Sad to hear about,condolences to family and friends of Mr. Hart. I
      have his book, signed and did meet him once.


      Bob Schoneman
      Appleton, WI
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