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9312Re: [FJGRailroad] Re: Johnstown freight house

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  • Gino & Kelly DiCarlo
    Dec 15, 2003
      > Help me out a little bit here. West State is that Route 29? Which building?

      Yes, State Street is Route 29. If you remember the tracks crossing the
      street, on one side would have been the American Hotel (Later day Captains
      Pub) and the other side the station. I think the building is still called
      Arrow Leather. I don't think the links are there anymore, but here is Aaron
      Keller's email about the former Johnstown Station from 2000...

      From: "Aaron Keller" <aakeller@...>

      To all members:

      I posted five pictures to the OneList site of how the Johnstown station
      looks today. I attempted to get every decent angle without trespassing.
      The pictures are in the "Johnstown_TODAY" folder.

      As you will note, the building is more or less all there, in perimeter.
      There have been no major additions or sections torn off from the ground
      level. The only major exterior alterations are:

      (1) The building is less its attic and second story. Apparently this was
      cut off some time ago.

      (2) The original windows and doors are gone. Most are covered over and some
      have been replaced.

      (3) A leather dust hopper is now on the northwest corner of the building.

      I was told by the owner of Arrow Leather, owner of the building, that the
      interior has been gutted and no substantial original stuff remains inside.

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