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8687Re: [FJGRailroad] Re: More freight house questions

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  • paul larner
    Mar 15, 2003
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      I believe LCL had been handled on the railroad from day one. THe service
      commenced on Nov. 16, 1936 was "free" pick up and delivery of LCL by the
      FJ&G. The FJ&G and other eastern railroads had attempted to institute this
      service earlier but were repeatedly denied by the ICC. Burton Allen provide
      the service for the railroad in Gloversville and O'Neil Trucking Company did
      the same for them in Johnstown.

      Way cars and LCL were a fact of business in the days before paved roads and
      internal combustion engines. The records destroyed freight following the
      several freight house fires indicates the extent the railroad affected every
      aspect of the communities commercial life.

      Walt are you sure on the date for closing the LCL business in Gloversville
      and Johnstown? I believe both freight houses were closed prior to 1964.
      Haven't the time to look it up right now.


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      >Was the FJ&G still receiveing LCL shipments in the freight house in
      >Gloversville and Johnstown?And were they still doing buissness with
      >REA in the 1950's the other question was also in the 50's.
      >The FJ&G started LCL freight on November 16, 1936 and terminated it
      >on October 1, 1964, when the NYC stopped accepting it.
      >REA service was discontinued on July 18, 1960 when REA started using
      >its own trucks.
      >Hope this helps.

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