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8486Re: [FJGRailroad] Origin of Hojack (Was: RW&O)

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  • Frank Pierson
    Jan 1, 2003
      I hate to stir the pot on this, but I know how history tends to change
      the facts a bit. Many team drivers of both horses and asses trained
      there teams to respond to verbal commands so they could do other things
      while working. HI was the common command for left and HO was used to
      tell the team to go right. A clicking of the tongue was a common move to
      start the team and of course everyone knows the WHOA command to stop.
      We commonly tied off the reins to the front of the wagon while loading
      hay and used voice commands to drive the team. The last I drove was as
      a teenager, Many moons ago!

      So how do we determine the fact from the fiction?

      Frank Pierson
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