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8485Re: [FJGRailroad] Origin of Hojack (Was: RW&O)

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  • paul larner
    Dec 31, 2002

      Yes that's the story. Maybe somewhere in a tidbit of paper lost in one of
      our file drawers is the answer. I suspect most of these later days
      explanations are more conjecture than founded in fact. Somewhere one of
      will one day glance upon the situation or occurrence which brought the
      nickname to being. Its out there just waiting to be discovered. I had a
      quirky thought as I wrote that last sentence that this is a bit like faith
      or the inspiration of a new idea - we don't know what it is but if we are
      tuned, when it appears we will know it.

      And to suggest that any of us would get off track:

      I wish a happy New Year to all of us. T'aint the best looking going in with
      the possiblility that many of us may well lose a member of our family in
      what the military industrial complex (read Cheney and Rumsfeld) sees as the
      best solution to a lackluster economy. I heard this morning that Rumsfeld
      is saying that even while this build up of might in the middle east is going
      on we reserve the right to start the war (sounds like a fait accompli) at
      any time before the buildup is complete - just to maintain the element of
      surprise. Isn't this a bit like what Hitler did to Austria or Japan to the
      US at Pearl, that is a surprise attack. (Oh but the Austrians or us were
      not told we were going to be attacked, or were we?)

      While this is a simplification - wasn't the cutting off of the supply oil to
      Japan (read N. Korea in 2002)what ultimately provoked them to attack us?
      Why do the South Koreans want us to leave their country? Don't they know we
      are more knowledgeable about their needs for defense than they can possibly
      understand. $$$$ but in whose pocket.

      There are railroads in Korea too.


      >From: "Glenn J. Williams <103424.2304@...>"
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      >Subject: [FJGRailroad] Origin of Hojack (Was: RW&O)
      >Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 14:36:12 -0000
      >--- In FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com, "paul larner" <pklarner@h...>
      > > That was one of the explanations,
      > > but the appelation seems to be
      > > too widespread to be the result
      > > of a colloquialism. Do you suppose?
      > >
      > > PKL
      > >
      >I did a Google search on "Hojack" and received a lot of hits. One
      >with some basic facts is:
      > <>
      >And this from a Railroad.net forum, which refers to the book you have:
      >"RE: Abandoned Lines
      >"Actually a fairly comprehensive history of the RW&O was written by
      >Edward Hungerford in 1922. No photos, somewhat understandable back
      >then. And it was stronger on the eastern end rather than the Lake
      >Ontario Shore part. But at over 260 pages it was informative.
      >"The old Railroad.net had a couple lengthy posts about the origin of
      >the 'Hojack' name - although lost in history, the 2 most common
      >stories are that the farmers along the line used to urge their mules
      >along with a 'Ho Jack', and that 'Jack' was a salutation to someone
      >whose actual name you did not know. As the train went by, folks and
      >the crew would exchange greetings 'Hello Jack' or, in time, 'Ho
      >The mule story is as accepted as the greeting one, so who really
      > Glenn
      >(on his last day of
      > vacation for 2002)

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