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  • cf76triumph <skalbfel@ix.netcom.com>
    Dec 20, 2002
      25 years ago I built a model of this building and its companion which
      was torn down some years ago. I have no plans though, I just eyeballed
      the dimensions from pictures that I took in 1972. Funny how I just
      came across the negatives. They were on a roll that I was using to
      take pictures of my wife's wedding shower at the Holiday Inn in
      Johnstown. I was obliged to get lost for a while so I went down to
      Fonda and took some pictures. I'll try to scan these soon.
      Also, Willem Monster's Sacandagastation website is very nice. If he
      can breath life into Sacandaga with his ambitious plans, that would be
      great. Let's face it the Park has been dead since the Inn closed in
      1974. I have a set of detail photos of the station before it was
      vandalized and sadly debased by its conversion to a stable. I am
      scanning these and burning a cdrom for him.

      It's kind of a grim Autumn. I've been on unemployment since August.
      I've suggested to my wife that maybe we should sell the house and move
      back to Fulton County where being unemployed is no big deal. It's kind
      of a grim look I got from her.

      An all-holiday greeting to all...Saul and Felicia Kalbfeld
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