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8454RE: [FJGRailroad] Amtrak Derailment

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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Dec 17, 2002
      Sperry car weighs 75 tons more or less.

      Paul you are exactly correct. When a bad rail is found they look to see what
      ingot it came from. With welded rail it is a little different but there is a
      serial number to trace it back to the ingot. The question is was that ingot
      a bad batch (an oversimplification).

      There are rails that break because of the service they are in and there are
      breaks that occur because of imperfections in the rail.

      A bolt hole fracture is a field problem usualy caused by improper support of
      the joint by ties, or the ties are there but the sub grade has failed
      resulting in pumping action and the BHF. The latter almost always involves

      Vertical split heads are an example of a problem with the metal itself.
      Some imperfection is in there causing the head to split. More dangerous is
      when you have a head and web seperation because you don't see it until it
      fails unless you have a Sperry car go over it. The the whole length of rail
      can fail all at one time and something will go on the ground.

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      >Are those Sperry Cars heavy?
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      >Hmm. That I have no knowledge of. What bothers me is - when the head of
      >the rail breaks off, how much more from that batch is also in danger of
      >breaking off. Wouldn't be a surprise if a Sperry type vehicle made a trip
      >or two over that rail.

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