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837Re: [FJGRailroad] Fonda Photos

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  • Paul Charland
    Mar 1, 2000
      Speaking of the Fonda photos, if anyone can ID some of the buildings (eg-the
      place I call the "mill" or the "oil Dealer" must have a real name) I can add
      that to the description for others to know. Just let me know the name and the
      number of the image.


      Aaron Keller wrote:

      > From: "Aaron Keller" <aakeller@...>
      > Paul,
      > Thanks for posting these.
      > Speaking of '88, I remember when the trackmobile came in '88 to take the
      > boxcars away. I have the entire engineering report on this job if anyone
      > cares to see it. It's quite lengthy but offers some good information on
      > what condition the line was in. I have a photocopy (there were no pictures
      > anyway; just documents).
      > -Aaron
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      > From: Paul Charland <p.charlie@...>
      > To: FJG <FJGRailroad@onelist.com>
      > Date: Tuesday, February 29, 2000 7:56 PM
      > Subject: [FJGRailroad] Fonda Photos
      > >From: Paul Charland <p.charlie@...>
      > >
      > >Hi,
      > >
      > >Just posted 34 jpegs to the Onelist files. These photos were taken by a
      > >friend, Steve Hunter, back in '87 (or was it 88!). They show all the
      > >buildings on the north side of the mainline in Fonda, from the
      > >enginehouse to the overpass. If you're looking for information on
      > >modeling Fonda, look for the folder named "FondaNYPhotos".
      > >
      > >Paul
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