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  • paul larner
    Oct 10, 2002
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      Montgomery County has one of the best research resources for Mohawk Valley
      history in the state. Even the folks at the state library suggest checking
      there for information. Volkert Veeder has always been a personal source of
      knowledge. He and my father were friends for close to forty years. My
      first Little Falls and Dolgeville switch key and New York Central wax sealer
      came from Volkert.

      The largest regret I have about my present situation is that I arrived back
      home after my father passed away. He had a vast knowledge of the Valley's
      history, probably where I picked up my interest in history. It would have
      been nice to work with him as an adult.


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      > > Something else for me to explore
      > > now. I do not have a good history
      > > of Montgomery County so I am unable
      > > here to report on the Hees
      > > lineage beyond this cursory bit.
      > >
      > > PKL
      >Chat up the people in the Old Court House in Fonda, across the tracks
      >from the Fonda depot site. A friend doing geneology research in the
      >county swears by them.
      >You may run into the Montgomery County equivalent of The Six Degrees
      >of Kevin Bacon. My mother always maintained we were related to half
      >the county by marriage or blood. I scoffed until she showed me the
      >charts. . .
      >BTW, the Six Degrees is ably described (and spoofed) by Kevin Bacon
      >himself in a VISA television commercial.
      > Glenn

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