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  • paul larner
    Oct 8, 2002
      Yes he is related to the Spraker's. That's how he got his job at the bank.
      J. Ledlie's father, Jacob, married the daughter of Daniel Spraker, president
      of the National Mohawk River Bank.

      While looking through the pick up I have on the name: his father was a
      clothier in Fonda and obviously prosperous. In 1881 James L. Hees was
      appointed teller at the MRB, he was fresh out of school. J. L. married in
      1883 and was cashier of the bank at that time.

      Interesting name usage when looking at the directors and officers of the
      early Cayadutta. Jacob Hees is listed as VP and a director, not Jame
      Ledlie. J. L. is mentioned after a while and is obviously involved because
      it is he who is listed as the treasurer. Perhaps J. L. made his ascensions
      through the business worl on the coat tails and purse of his father and
      grandfather. Something else for me to explore now. I do not have a good
      history of Montgomery County so I am unable here to report on the Hees
      lineage beyond this cursory bit.


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      >If it's in the Evergreen Cemetery and the Old Court House people
      >don't know exactly where, the cemetery office (which is just inside
      >the fence) should be able to pinpoint it.
      >Glenn & Gino,
      >According to Volker (not sure I spelled his name correctly), J.
      >Ledlie Hees is buried in the Canajoharie Cemetary with the Spraker
      >family. No one seems to know why he is buried with the Spraker's. One
      >possible answer could be that his wife was a Spraker. Paul, do you
      >know, or does anybody know, what J. Ledlie's wife's maiden name was?

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