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8079Re: [FJGRailroad] I'am Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Gino & Kelly DiCarlo
    Sep 14, 2002
      > Hi everyone i just starting to get the old computer back running the
      > get together was great this year hopefully next year will be just as
      > good with some new faces? and the old ones two.I've gotten alot of
      > work done on the layout the highbridge scene is complete finally!!!
      > and Johnstown is 99% done next on to Gloversville so many buildings
      > to build!!!I have to get in touch with Gino to come down and take
      > some pictures of the layout call me Gino.I will be at the metting
      > this month and sorry i didn't make it last month last minute dission
      > (my wife) Well hope evry body's doing good and talk to you soon.
      > Steve L
      > P.S Gino number two is on the way.
      Alright Steve!!!! It makes sense now!!!!! Congrats to you and the missus!!!
      Great news!


      p.s. That's much better than a bowel movement!
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