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7906Re: Meeting

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  • fjg1870
    Jul 30, 2002
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      --- In FJGRailroad@y..., Gino & Kelly DiCarlo <dicarlos@l...> wrote:

      If you're not going to the meeting, will we be able to get in and who
      will lock up the library? Paul Larner tells me he's not going to the
      meeting because he has to work!



      As far as I know, anyone can pickup the key, just tell them you're
      from the FJ&GRR Club. The only thing, the library closes at 7:00.
      Someone would have to be there before 7:00 to get the key. Once the
      meeting is over, lock both doors and put the key inside the envelope
      and put it in the shoot. Make sure all lights are turned off in
      whatever room you meet in.

      I saw Dave last week, and there might be a chance we could see at
      least part of the old MLE R-O-W. As far as I know, Dave will be at
      the meeting tomorrow night.

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