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7710Re: [FJGRailroad] Adams & Westlake, A&W Co., Adlake

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  • paul larner
    Jun 30, 2002
      I may have to stand corrected on this:

      My recollection is that the term New York Central Lines was the designation
      used to define the railroads independently operated but controlled through
      stock ownership by the New York Central Railroad Company, viz, Michigan
      Central; Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis; and the Pittsburgh
      and Lake Erie (each of these companies had interests in other railroads
      too). Together the "Railroad" and the "Lines" form the New York Central
      System. After the twenties, the legal and financial relationship between
      the lines and the railroad matured through consolidations and leases but the
      leased lines, largely those west of Buffalo, would remain the NYC Lines.

      Ultimately all the roads coalesced (merged and consolidated) as the New York
      Central System. The process was gradual covering the better part of the
      fifty years following the formation of the NYCRR in 1914 (the original NYCRR
      disappeared with its consolidation with the HRRR in 1869).

      Now most of these western leased lines had lanterns, locks and keys marked
      with their independent initials and the markings NYCL used on lanterns, keys
      and locks apparently did not apply to them while they maintained their
      independent operations. So did the Boston and Albany.

      My guess is the initials were used on material supplied for NYC properties
      not using their corporate names, other than the NYCRR proper, until the term
      New York Central System became used by all the properties. I have owned
      lamps and keys marked NYCL but have none today to check out the stamping
      dates. All were acquired in the Mohawk Valley If someone reading this has
      a NYCL Dietz Vesta lantern they can let us know the stamping date on the lid
      (S mo-yr) below the patent dates. Also under the keyhole cover or on the
      pin of Adlake locks can be found dates which can help you secure a time
      frame for use of those initials.

      Re the cut of the key. You can check with Key, Lock and Lantern (they have
      a web site) to see if it matches any of the known cuts for one of the NYC
      companies. Someone from that group would also be able to tell you for what
      the cut was used (rip track, switch etc.).

      As an asisde the Pennsylvania Railroad maintained a separate corporate form
      for its lines west of Pittsburgh - PRR was used for lines east of
      Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania Lines for those west.


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      >Subject: [FJGRailroad] Adams & Westlake, A&W Co., Adlake
      >Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 18:42:55 -0400
      > For the key experts out there, I have a NYCL brass switch key, did
      >it go to a different department? It is not the same cut as my brass NYC
      >key that I used to use on all the switches at sandbank.
      > Does anyone have a brief history of Adlake and the time periods that
      >they changed their name? My NYCRR key reads A&W Company Chicago, while
      >all the others read ADLAKE?
      > Steve Myers
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