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6640FJ&G Photos & Question about #11

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  • fjg1870
    Feb 28, 2002
      For those of you that attended the meeting last night, I've contacted
      the person that Dave purchased the 11x14 photo of #11 from at the
      Springfield show. He doesn't have any photos at present, but will
      have some available in a few months. 8x10's are $7.00 plus S&H and
      11x14's are $10.00 plus S&H. If anyone is interested in purchasing a
      copy, please let me know. In addition to the photo of #11, he also
      has a photo of #14, same prices. I have no idea where the photo of
      #14 was taken. For those of you that weren't at the meeting, the
      photo shows #11 in the Gloversville yard, near the Fulton Street
      crossing. One neat feature of the photo is that it shows the electric
      line curving towards the station.

      Speaking of #11, does anyone know when the headlight was changed?

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