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6505NYC mileposts

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  • MJC 49
    Jan 31 4:06 PM
      Conrail re-numbered all of the mileposts on the Selkirk Branch (former West
      Shore) in 1984. Not sure exactly where...Hoboken?? Now, the mileposts
      begin in Stuyvesant and end in Hoffmans (MP 42). Maybe by any stroke of
      luck, one is still lying in the weeds somewhere.

      I know this is going off topic quite a bit, but a friend of mine has a
      picture of an E8 on the point of an Amtrak train going through South
      Schenectady yard. The milepost in the shot is 152 (currently its MP 32).
      Interesting picture because Amtrak stopped running up the branch in 1978!

      Here's a somewhat current Fonda shot that has a little FJ&G charm. It's
      Amtrak 48 running right on time.



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      I would like to get a couple of the old NYC mileposts. They are concrete,
      large and most all have been supplanted by the reflectorized ones. These
      are not museum material.

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