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630More ICC Pictures

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  • skalbfel@ix.netcom.com
    Feb 4, 2000
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      I've uploaded another group of ICC 1928 pictures to the files area. A few days
      ago several people were discussing the area where city hall is now. Look at picture
      #99 which shows the bridge on Clinton St. and where the creek ran. Also, I placed
      a readme doc in the ICC 1928 file area to give some background on the project.
      Here is the same message:

      The 1928 ICC Survey of the FJ&G

      From dates on the survey documents, it appears the surveys of the Steam
      and Electric Divisions were conducted approximately between September 4, 1928
      and October 30, 1928. The survey photos were taken under all conditions with
      little regard for exposure, position of the sun, and composition. There is lot
      of variation in original picture quality. In general, the pictures framed to
      the north are better quality than those shot pointing south. The film format
      was probably 616. It is a wider frame than 35mm. In a few shots, there is
      glare from the sun that washed out the picture I was copying. I copied
      these under less than ideal conditions, in sunlight, simply taking a
      picture of a picture using a 35mm camera with a close-up lens. The focus is
      not perfect, but close. I have retouched a number of shots with physical
      damage, usually the right side that was cracked and repaired with tape.
      In several cases, the broken pieces were missing. As I have scanned
      and retouched the images, I've gained some skill at bringing out the best
      repair using Micrografx Image. Consequently, I'll be going back and redoing
      some of the early scans. Close ups of smaller subjects, such as sheds and
      shelters generally look better since less sky is evident which tended to
      burn out.

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