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6155Re: [FJGRailroad] Re: trolleys to Chicago

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  • Richard A. Finn
    Jan 4, 2002
      Paul, very astute observations.



      paul larner wrote:

       CDTA will be heavy rail.  There aren't enough people working in central
      capitol area, 1 square mile, to support new construction for light rail
      according to studies I had seen several years ago.  When dreams run faster
      than realities you must be prepared to spend a lot of someone's money.  One
      thing the trolley systems of the early twentieth century did was help to
      create a market by making it possible for people to move away from the
      central city.  Not only did new home construction fund the investors who
      promoted the systems but also owned the developing land but it created a
      market for that new fangled electricity which Edison (read General
      Electric), along with Westinghouse and Sprague so wanted to sell.  The early
      systems supported their investors in more ways than merely from the movement
      of people. Simplified, the electric power industry grew with the expansion
      of the urban areas and industry followed cheap electricity.  The trolley
      systems were a vehicle for a developing America.

      The new lines are primarily to serve the government, or people if you will,
      by spending tax dollars one way to save other dollars for highways.  Now add
      in the environmental effects and the cost of time spent on the highways
      commuting at 0 mph and you have the new purpose for mass trainsit.  The fast
      thinkers have to convince the taxpaying public that you build before the
      need but there is a downside in that as a system goes into service and
      people begin to use it, the highways become more desireable.  Until the
      Northway comes to a standstill every morning and evening for hours at a time
      the public won't be ready to invest.  The inconvenience today doesn't
      justify the cost.


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      >Subject: Re: [FJGRailroad] Re: trolleys to Chicago
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      >I always hoped they would restore a section of trolley track in Schdy or
      >Albany.  I never considered the T in Boston a trolley, but yes, Ive
      >ridden it.  Your cities have a use for mass transport rail systems but
      >Youll never see another FJ&G trolley system.  If and when they start the
      >Saratoga to Albany CDTA train, it will be great to see another train, but
      >I expect it to be like canal square, a lot of tax dollars and then close
      >it after two years of trials.

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