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6134Re: Boston, Seashore & NJ Transit (Was: trolleys to Chicago)

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  • glenn_j_williams
    Jan 3, 2002
      --- In FJGRailroad@y..., "Lee Morelli" <Morelli@c...> wrote:
      > Glenn,
      > Wow! Kindly clarify the following acronyms and their use:

      Let's see if I can do this without making things even murkier!

      > B&A commuter line.

      In 1959, the MTA (now the MBTA - Mass. Bay Trans. Auth.) bought a
      steam/diesel line used by the Boston and Albany for commuter service,
      refurbished it, installed overhead, made a connection to the Park
      Street subway line at Kenmore Square, and viola! the D - Riverside
      Line was created.

      > (using PCC cars!).

      The MBTA has been under orders for some time to restore service on
      the Arborway line, one of the lines which comprise the Green Line. It
      was finally decided that streetcars would be used. I'm not sure, but
      I believe there are enough older PCC (President's Conference
      Committee cars serviceable to do it.

      > Twin Cities Rancid Transit

      This was how residents of Minneapolis/St. Paul derisively referred to
      Twin Cities Rapid Transit. Their PCC cars were wider than most
      others, which was a deciding factor in their ending up in Newark.
      Most other cities (including Boston) couldn't use them because of
      their broad beam, but clearances on the City Subway line were wide

      > LRV equipment

      LRV - Light Rail Vehicle, today's version of the trolley car. They
      have lots of modern features (which sometimes don't work),
      can be run in train-like configuration, and can be made handicap
      accessible, which is a must these days.

      > PCC's poles were replaced with small pantographs

      When NJ Transit upgraded the City Subway overhead wire, it was
      evidently of the style that wouldn't allow continued use of trolley
      poles. Thus, the trolley poles were removed from the rear of each
      car and a smallish pantograph placed toward the front of each car.

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