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5714RE: [FJGRailroad] Re: The GTE

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  • Dicarlo, Gino
    Dec 5, 2001
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      Ahhhhh, that's the picture I was looking for! That is an awesome shot!
      That damn Dave Reffue,
      he got that picture in Syracuse then he buys them up at Albany! I asked him
      about that picture
      Sunday and he told me he didn't see any! I can't be too mad him because he
      sold me the picture
      of #9 in Pennsylvania! I'll yell at him anyways at the next Meeting in
      Gloversville! As for the
      DH/CACV All-Doors, I was wondering if the D & H had those cars when they
      owned the CACV!


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      > Hi Gino,I looked for you at the show but couldn't find you.The
      > Alldoor cars were on the D&H for about two years before they went to
      > the CACV thats what i read about them maybe somebody else knows more?
      > When they got to CACV they painted out the D&H sheild i have a
      > picture somewere were you can see the sheild painted over.I saw Dave
      > R.at the show and he sold me a great black and white picture of 20 in
      > Broadalbin the picture was taken from the station platform at the
      > west end, 20 had two cars and a caboose.Heading for Mohawk furniture
      > great picture.
      > Steve
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