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5668Re: [FJGRailroad] Re: Thanksgiving Wishes

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  • Lee Morelli
    Dec 3, 2001

      Thank you for the information. I'll answer your questions.

      Where do you live ?

      Rochester, NY. I am an uncle to Gino. I was born and raised in Schenectady, New York.

      Are you a modeler, photographer, or what hobby
      in railroading do you like ?

      I used to have Lionel 027 gauge trains and every Christmas was the time the collection was added to, thanks to Saint Nick. My father never drove, except for driving lessons, I am told, so when our family went on vacation, we took the train. It was almost always to N.Y.C. and it has never ceased to be a melancholy ride, for me, down the east side of the Hudson River. I love to hear and see anything about railroads.

      Whats your favorite railroad ?

      I don't really have one, but having been on the New York Central more than any, it has a sweet spot in my heart. My biggest railroad thrill was riding the Twentieth Century Limited from Albany to Chicago, when I was in school at DeVry Tech. Gino's mother and father bought me a bunch of whiskey sour drinks at the Albany train station and by the time I finished the "orange juice" and got on the train, I was ready to go to sleep in my compartment. I did not understand why I had a head ache the next morning... I love to read about street cars, interurbans and subways. When I was in school in Chicago, I had a dream fullfilled when I had to commute by taking the bus and then the elevated train/subway to work at my part time job in the Loop at the Board of Trade Building. I have always loved subways.


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