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5229Re: New Picts on Yahoo Site

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  • Walt Danylak
    Nov 1, 2001
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      --- In FJGRailroad@y..., Gino And Kelly DiCarlo <dicarlos@c...> wrote:
      Hi guys,

      I posted some pictures of Delaware Otsego equipment to the
      Yahoo/Member site. The folder's name is DO equipment and this should
      be the link to get there.


      Picture FJG4 shows the Evans cars, refered to as "Side Slider" box
      cars. Picture FJG5 shows both the Thrall "All Door" box car (CACV)
      and the Evans "Side Slider" box cars (FJ&G). The major difference
      between the two designs are the end doors. Notice that the Thrall
      doors are all the same while the Evans end doors are different from
      the center doors. The FJ&G (DO) had both designs. Cars numbered in
      40000 series are Thrall while 29000 series cars are Evans.

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