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5030Gloversville Turntable

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  • Malcolm Horton
    Sep 20, 2001
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      I recall visiting the Gloversville turntable with my father on a Sunday afternoon in 1936 0r 1937. A Mr. English was tending the fires in the locomotives and, as with many such jobs, he was lonely. Dad knew him. He ran the turntable around to the proper track for a locomotive which had some steam pressure in it and brought out the locomotive for us to admire. I got to ride it back into the round house (I was 13 or 14 years old at the time). The turntable was operated by an electric motor which got its power from the nearby 600 volt trolley line. There was a drum controller in the cab of the turntable which allowed the turntable to be operated in either direction. After the trolleys were abandoned in 1938, there was no direct current available so the turntable had to be repowered. I vaguely remember hearing that it got its power either from steam or compressed air from the locomotive to be turned, however I never checked this out personally.
      Malcolm Horton

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