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4973Trolleys to Schenectady

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  • Malcolm Horton
    Aug 27, 2001
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      Per your request, I have been checking up on Norman Wurz  who wrote the "Memories of the FJ&G" article which I put on a newsletter recently.
      I found Norman's son Bruce (Phone (518) 399-9313) who was very cooperative. Norman died several years ago. Bruce will look thru Normans things ASAP and will call me back describing what he finds. I suggested that Norman may have kept a scrapbook with the various newpaper articles to which he had contributed. I offered to scan them a make them available to all of our members. Bruce did not recall any collection of pictures on the FJ&G.
      Bruce mentioned the late Len Killian, who lived near Washout Road and who had an extensive  slide collection with a lot of pictures of the FJ&G trolleys. He phoned Len's widow and found that his collections had bee sold "to a trolley museum in Connecticut". Perhaps we can find which trolley museum and can then learn more about them. She did'nt recall the name of the museum.
      Bruce said that he and his dad saw Killian's pictures shortly before his dad died and that his dad could name all the sites and the people in them.
      Do you want to persue this further?
      I will let you know of anything that Bruce finds after going thru his dad's papers.
      Malcolm Horton

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