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4893HO S2s

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  • Dicarlo, Gino
    Aug 23, 2001
      Hi guys,

      I got my HO S2s in the mail yesterday and they're not too bad! Of course,
      not as nice as Steve
      Lamora's job, but they'll do! I'll have to add some things to them. I have
      a question here
      though. They are a little old and have accumulated a little grime on them.
      Does anyone know
      how I could clean these engines up without disturbing the decals? The
      caboose I got is pretty
      close to the bobber, but age has made it look orange! I'd like to repaint
      it, but they've got the
      decals on her pretty darn close, so I won't mess with it! Any ideas there?


      Digital Assembly
      Quad Imaging Saratoga
      (518) 581-4276
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