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  • Randy & Lorraine
    Aug 4, 2001
      Saul nice nice Job !! I am giving up on the neg's no time at all
      anymore!! sending a hat along with the envelopes give me your mailing
      address again Thanks Randy
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      > Take a look at http://architecturalmodel.com/. I spent a couple of
      > days at their studio in Detroit in the spring. I found that
      > professional models are very expensive to build since they are so
      > labor intensive. A presentation model can cost several thousand
      > dollars. Often they aren't even that detailed. Too bad there isn't a
      > market. I'd love to do that. I estimate the Knox building took 150
      > hours. At even 5 dollars an hour that would be $750. I've used the
      > experience to do some estimates on what it would cost to build the
      > Gloversville depot. I'd say 400 hours would be a good estimate,
      > depending on the amount of detail included. Most buildings built to
      > full scale would be way too large for the average layout. Soon as you
      > add one though, it's really impressive, but it makes everything around
      > it puny. I'm looking at a couple of other structures along the FJG.
      > Several years ago, I did a set of drawings of the J&N Warehouse at the
      > Kingsboro crossing. That would make an interesting building because of
      > its odd shape. I'm looking at something smaller that won't eat up a
      > lot of time. One of my favorites is the old GLF Farm Feed store in
      > Johnstown. It was Tag's Used Furniture for a number of years. I
      > submitted a plan and manuscript to Railroad Model Craftsman over a
      > year ago. They liked the project but have not bought it yet.
      > Saul
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