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4854New D&H cars from Walthers

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  • jlcook@verizon.com
    Aug 1, 2001
      Don't know if this new release has slipped by all of you. I just
      stumbled into it myself. Hopefully they will actually ship by the end
      of the month. These "could" be the C&CV cars that had D&H reporting


      Walthers Expected in August listing.

      7020 56' thrall All-door Box Car-Single
      Car-Ready-to-Run -- Delaware & Hudson
      HO 18.98 28-Aug-2001

      27020 56' Thrall All-Door Box Car-Ready-to-Run- 2-pack w/different
      numbers -- Delaware & Hudson Limited Run
      HO 37.98 28-Aug-2001
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