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    Jul 30, 2001
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      In another life I provided electronic controls to large
      engineering/construction firms so I got to see many "blank check"
      type professionally built models.

      Most of the models I saw were created to illustrate how a major
      installation (such as power plant, stacker-reclaimer, coal processing
      plant etc.) would appear when completed.

      The cost does come in very high - but companies gladly pay the
      charges. Think about it, if a company is going to spend $50-$200
      million on a new installation- what's an additional $10,000 or so for
      the model?

      I'm trying to figure out now how to get enough info to build the
      Gloversville Depot. (Oh, not as good as you would build it, but good
      enough to be the one really good structure on my HO layout).

      Dan Owens

      --- In FJGRailroad@y..., skalbfel@i... wrote:
      > Take a look at http://architecturalmodel.com/. I spent a couple of
      > days at their studio in Detroit in the spring. I found that
      > professional models are very expensive to build since they are so
      > labor intensive. A presentation model can cost several thousand
      > dollars. Often they aren't even that detailed. Too bad there isn't a
      > market. I'd love to do that. I estimate the Knox building took 150
      > hours. At even 5 dollars an hour that would be $750. I've used the
      > experience to do some estimates on what it would cost to build the
      > Gloversville depot. I'd say 400 hours would be a good estimate,
      > depending on the amount of detail included. Most buildings built to
      > full scale would be way too large for the average layout. Soon as
      > add one though, it's really impressive, but it makes everything
      > it puny. I'm looking at a couple of other structures along the FJG.
      > Several years ago, I did a set of drawings of the J&N Warehouse at
      > Kingsboro crossing. That would make an interesting building because
      > its odd shape. I'm looking at something smaller that won't eat up a
      > lot of time. One of my favorites is the old GLF Farm Feed store in
      > Johnstown. It was Tag's Used Furniture for a number of years. I
      > submitted a plan and manuscript to Railroad Model Craftsman over a
      > year ago. They liked the project but have not bought it yet.
      > Saul
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