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4683Re: FJ&G Picnic & Tee Shirts

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  • Walt Danylak
    Jun 28, 2001
      --- In FJGRailroad@y..., 103424.2304@c... wrote:

      I plan on making the get-together in August. I'm currently doing two
      weeks of 24x7 on-call for others, so they owe me!

      Questions I should have raised before last night's meeting -

      Question 1: Any plans to hire a hall to show slides/movies/videos
      /pictures on that Saturday nite? I'll kick in for the rent, as I'm
      sure others would. Those of you who have seen the stuff before will
      probably yawn a lot, but most of it will be new to someone. Me, at

      Question 1a: Anyone bringing a 35mm projector? If so, what kind of
      trays will it accept? I'm planning on bringing my slides, so I could
      bring my Kodak, which only takes Carousel trays.

      Question 2: Where and when do we meet intially on Saturday? The
      Rail Park in Gloversville? The Adirondack Park marker at Sacandaga
      Park? Randy's basement?

      Question 3: For the picnic: what about a special tee shirt
      commemorating the First Annual Meeting of the FJ&G Railroad Barbeque
      and Marching Society. The marching? Hey, we gotta walk part of the
      rail trail, don't we? My thought was to have a high-quality picture
      of #8 as the centerpiece, with appropriate lettering indicating
      its 100th birthday, plus the date(s) for the First Annual Meeting. I
      wouldn't want to undertake this one without firm orders, though.

      Question 4: Wouldn't Gino's stylized Bullet Car design make a great
      limited-edition tee? Changing the heading to "FJ&G Bullet" makes the
      railroad name obvious. My stepson just had thee dozen done locally
      for his martial arts studio (3 colour) and selling them at $15
      each,his break even point was 19 shirts. The more colours, the
      higher the setup costs. We could do this on spec, offering it
      through the eGroup listing, Randy, Gino, and other outlets you can
      think of. Mail order would be an additional $4 or $5for P&H.

      Let me know what ya' think.



      Glenn & Everyone,

      I plan to ask if we can use the library for displays and showing of
      videos, movies, slides, etc. I think the library is closed on
      Saturdays during July & August, so I'm hoping it won't be a problem.
      The advantage of using the library is that we lock everything up and
      leave. The disadventage using the library is that they don't have any
      AC. The middle of August has been known to be rather warm, so if
      anyone has any other location in mind, please let me know.

      I don't own a 35mm projector, but I'm sure we can come up with one. I
      think either or both Paul & Randy have one.

      We could meet at either the box car or the library, or wherever we
      wind up setting up our displays.

      I think the T shirt, or better yet, a golf shirt, is a good idea. The
      golf shirt might be too expensive though. If enough are interested,
      we shoiuld be able to have one made.

      I don't think you would be able to sell two different shirts. Randy
      has had problems selling out his hat.

      Let me have your input.

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